HandyDiagram is a vector-based graphic drawing software. As we know programmes, such as Visio, so large and expensive, complex and difficult to use, many features are not need ed for us really. HandyDiagram is easy to use due to focus on useful features. It absolutely meet your daily needs of most cases. With built-in vector symbols or customized symbols, you can quickly and easily draw professional-looking flowcharts, organizational charts, business diagrams, network diagrams, picture annotation…

Version 3.0 brings you a lot of requested improvements. The following is the most important features: Various shape symbol. For most of time, we just need to drag symbol from library panel into drawing area.Custom shape symbol. Sometimes you draw a shape and expect it can be reused next time. Powerful tools used to draw shape. Such as straight line and bezier curve tool. Key points adjustment for shape.

Powerful and Professional

  • With symbol library, user just need to drag symbol from symbol library into drawing area. Of course, for non existed symbol, you can draw it by yourself.
  • User can generate a new symbol and add it into symbol library easily. Using drawing tools, such as drawing line or curve tool, you can draw a continuous line or a closed polygon. Also, bitmap or SVG objects can be added to symbol as a part of it. Further, any objects on drawing area can be draged together into symbol library which will automatically regarded them as a symbol.
  • With Smart connectors, symbols will maintain relationships easily when them are moved.
  • Group objects together as a single entity. Multi-selected symbol objects and change properties of them together. Easy to move, change size, rotate for objects.
  • Diagram will be saved as XML file format. you can export it in many common graphic formats(bmp, png, jpg) and print exactly what you see. Also PDF and SVG formats are supported.
  • Support Multi-Document mode. You can work on several pages at the same time.
  • Property window is used change property of selected symbol objects. Support Gradient brush…

Easy to use

  • To add a shape to your chart, simply drags a shape from a Library to your chart.
  • Green software, small size, easy to install and transfer.
  • WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get.

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screenshot handy diagram

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