Max Mobile Security for Android

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Max Mobile Security provides:

1.Anti theft, tracks the location of your device.
2. Anti Virus, scans for Malware with real time protection and 3. Automatic updates
Block dangerous websites.
4. Contact Backup.
5. Block Call/SMS works as Parental Control.
6. Network Stats to prevent overages by your network service provider.
7. Memory and Battery Optimizer

What is Max Secure Mobile Security?

Mobile computers are the fastest growing segments of the computing industry. They are very susceptible to hacking, spam, eavesdropping. They are small devices and can easily get lost in Mall, movie theater, school, cab anywhere. A host of issues exist concerning physical security to Viruses.

Max Mobile Security provides an integrated mobile device management and security solution with proven anti-Virus protection for Android mobile devices. Max Mobile Security suite offers innovative Anti-Virus solution, Anti-Theft defense, Safe Web browsing, allows you to Optimize your device , lets you monitor installed Apps and Network statistics.

Anti Virus provides world class detection and protection from unwanted threats and all kinds of viruses.

Anti-Theft tracks your lost or missing laptop. All registered users can avail for this free service by logging in from login link above. Locate the Lost device current location, Lock the phone, Wipe data, Sound Alarm. SIM change alert etc. All this remotely from anywhere using a simple browser even if no SIM card is there on the device or another phone using SMS.

Block Call/SMS feature filters unwanted calls and SMS texts and allows you to receive calls only from allowed / White list.

Network stats , System optimizer and Contact Back up are few other very useful features which help you with your device usage.

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