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Speed Up & Regain Control of your PC
by quickly and easily eliminating Spyware & Adware thatinvade your privacy and security.

Spyware Detector Features:

  • Free Personalized 24 x 7 Customer Support
  • Fastest Spyware Scanning Technology
  • Rootkit, Keylogger and Heuristic detection
  • Speed Up Your Computer
  • Best of all, it’s 100% money-back Guaranteed

Max Spyware Detector is the fastest anti virus program with cutting edge SMART SCAN technology with lightening quick scanning speed. The software is powered by some advanced features:

Enhanced Detection
State-of-the-art research lab and a dedicated team of experts to identify new threats.

Advanced Blocking
Completely automated advanced features. Blocks ActiveX, Browser helper Objects and Tracking cookies.

Active Monitoring
Complete peace of mind while browsing. Protects your privacy and provides security against malicious processes and homepage hijackers.

Continuous and Automatic Updates
Automatically schedules scans and updates to start while PC is idle.

Download free trial and scan you pc click HERE      or    to Buy now Click HERE

Free Personalised Customer Support
Free email and chat support. Integrated support team to streamline technical support requests..

This software is also powered by some advanced features that are similar to our corporate edition like, Block Active X, Block Cookies, Block BHOs, Registry back up, Live Monitoring for IE home page hijacking, system and win ini file change monitor, monitor registry changes, tracking cookies monitoring and Process monitoring. The software has a complete database of the most commonly and largely found spywares, which are detected and can be deleted immediately. Our live update module will enable our users to update their spyware database frequently.

Stop Spywares from Invading your Privacy and Reducing PC Performance

Growing spyware attacks and constantly changing spyware technology are placing personal information, privacy, and even your identity at risk.

Max Secure Software provides you the most robust solution against Spywares. We have developed the world class Anti Spyware, Max Secure Spyware Detector which is a complete solution for individuals, professionals and home users. The software is specially designed to scan, detect, delete and recover spywares with an option of quick and full scan.

The software is powered by some advanced features

Download free trial and scan you pc click HERE      or    to Buy now Click HERE

Instant Support

As a customer of Max Secure Spyware Detector, you are assured that you are always backed up with our technical support force. Our technical expert and friendly support team is always there to answer any questions you have, absolutely FREE!

Spyware Detector scans your entire system using a constantly updated database of thousands of knownspyware threats. You can schedule regular scans or perform one manually to find and remove spyware, adwares, malwares, pests, and spybots from your PC. If any files or traces of spyware match the threat definitions database, Spyware Detector immediately quarantines them.

Download free trial and scan you pc click HERE      or    to Buy now Click HERE


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